MDU ROHTAK PROGRAMMES SYLLABUS   Paper No. Title of Paper MCA-01/M.Sc-01/APGDCA-01 Foundation Course in IT And MS-Office 2000 MCA-02/M.Sc-02/APGDCA-02 Computer Networking & Multimedia MCA-03/M.Sc-03/APGDCA-03 Programming in C and Data Structure MCA-04/M.Sc.-04/APGDCA-04 Computer Organisation And Architecture MCA-06/M.Sc-06/APGDCA-06 Visual C++ MCA-07/M.Sc-07/APGDCA-07 Visual Basic & Oracle MCA-08/M.Sc.-08/APGDCA-08 System Analysis & Design MCA-11/M.Sc-11 RDBMS MCA-12/M.Sc-12 Software Engineering MCA-13/M.Sc.-13 - Operating System and Unix - rogramming in C & Data Structure* MCA-14/M.Sc-14 - Internet, Web Programming & Java - Computer Organisartion & Architecture* MCA-16/M.Sc-16 Artificial Intelligence MCA-17/M.Sc-17 Computer Graphics - System Analysis & Design MCA-18/M.Sc-18 -Object-oriented Analysis And Design - Microprocessor and Assembly Language* SECOND SEMESTER © 2011 Success Technology Group(Soc.) FOURTH SEMESTER FIRST SEMESTER THIRD SEMESTER
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