MDU ROHTAK PROGRAMMES SYLLABUS   Note: 1. There will be 70 multiple choice question (MCQ’s) I n the question paper consisting of one mark each.Students are required to attempt all the question 2. Internal assessment marks shall be given on the basis of marks secured by candidate in the descriptive examination to be conducted by the respected study centre . Study centre are required to keep the record of the descriptive examination with them for inspection by the University. The marks of Internal assessment must be subimitted to the University before the terminations of the University Examination in concerned subjects. In the event of non receipt of the internal assessment marks of the theory marks secured by the candidate shall be proportionately enhanced.  Objective MBA programme designed with several streams of specialization in various functional areas of management is of two  years duration. Each year shall be divided into two semesters.  Eligibility   Admission to the first semester of MBA programme will be open to candidates who: have passed Bachelor's Degree or Master's Degree in any discipline from this university or an examinations recognised  thereto or.  have passed the final examination conducted by the institute of chartered accountants of India or equivalent or Institute  of company Secretaries of India or equivalent or Institute of Cost and Works Accountants of India or equivalent.  Fee Structure Fee for one semester is Rs. 11,000/-, which is inclusive of fees for examination. In addition Rs. 500/- will be charged as  one time enrollment fee.  Duration It is a two year degree programme comprising of four semesters but the student will have to complete this programme  within a maximum period of four years.  Mode of Imparting Learning  30 hours theory and 20 practical classes per paper per semester will be held at the university approved study centres  on Saturdays, Sundays and gazzetted holidays. Study material will be provided to the students. The medium of  instruction will be English only. Program Structure Sem. - 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, Specialization  Paper No. Title of Paper(s)  External Marks  Internal Marks  Practical Marks  Duration of Exams.  2.11DE Management Processes & Skill Development  100  35  1:30 Hrs. 2.12DE Managerial Economics  100  35  1:30 Hrs. 2.13DE Accounting for Managers  100  35  1:30 Hrs. 2.14DE Quantitative Methods  100  35  1:30 Hrs. 2.15DE Indian Ethos & Values 100  35  1:30 Hrs. 2.16DE Computer Application in Mgt. 50  50  1:30 Hrs. 2.21DE Financial Management  100  35  1:30 Hrs. 2.22DE Marketing Management  100  35  1:30Hrs.  2.23DE Human Resource Management  100  35  1:30 Hrs. 2.24DE Indian Business Environment  100  35  1:30 Hrs. 2.25DE Production & Operation Management  100  35  1:30 Hrs. 2.26DE Organisational Behaviour  100  35  1:30 Hrs. 2.31DE Business Policy & Strategic Analysis 100  35  1:30 Hrs. 2.32DE Decision Support Systems and MIS 100  35  1:30 Hrs. 2.33DE Research Methodology  100  35  1:30 Hrs. 2.34DE International Business Environment  100  35  1:30 Hrs. Specialization Paper  1:30 Hrs. Specialization Paper  1:30 Hrs. Specialization Paper  1:30 Hrs  2.41DE Corporate Evolution & Strategic   Implementation  100  35  1:30 Hrs. 2.42DE Computer Networks and internet  50  50  1:30 Hrs. 2.43DE Entrepreneurial Development  100  35  1:30 Hrs. Specialization Paper  1:30 Hrs. Specialization Paper  1:30 Hrs. Specialization Paper  1:30 Hrs. 2.47DE Project Report  100  1:30 Hrs. Note: Students are required to choose three optional papers from each set of specialization in 3rd and 4th semesters.   Students will be required to appear only in single specialization (consisting of 3 papers in 3rd and 3 papers in 4th  Semester) examination along with their semester examinations as and when held.   Students desirous of doing any additional specialization, he/she can do it by appearing in examination as an ex-student,  on payment of a fee of Rs. 1000.00 per paper within a period of two years after the completion of 2-Year MBA (DDE)  Programme.  LIST OF SPECIALIZATION PAPERS Paper Code Semester Title of Paper External Marks  Internal Marks  Duration of Exams.  FM2 III   Foreign Exchange   Management  100  35  1:30Hrs.  FM3 III  Project Planning,   Analysis & Management 100  35  1:30Hrs.  FM14  III  Working Capital   Management  100  35  1:30Hrs.  FM5 IV International Financial   Management  100  35  1:30Hrs.  FM7 IV Security Analysis &  Investment Management  100  35  1:30Hrs.  FM9 IV Management of Financial   Services  100  35  1:30Hrs.  MM6 III  Sales & DistributionManagement100  35  1:30Hrs.  MM7 III  Advertising Management  100  35  1:30Hrs.  MM4 III  Consumer Behaviour  100  35  1:30Hrs.  MM1 IV Industrial Marketing  100  35  1:30Hrs.  MM2 IV Service Marketing.  100  35  1:30Hrs.  MM5 IV Planning & Managing   Retail Business 100  35  1:30Hrs.  OBHRD2  III   Strategic human Resource   Management  100  35  1:30Hrs.  OBHRD6  III  Management of Industrial   Relations  100  35  1:30Hrs.  OBHRD7  III  Organizational Change and I  ntervention Strategies  100  35  1:30Hrs.  OBHRD3  IV Compensation Management  100  35  1:30Hrs.  OBHRD4  IV Cross Culture & Global Human   Resources Mgt. 100  35  1:30Hrs.  OBHRD8  IV Human Resources Development100  35  1:30Hrs  ITM5  III  Multimedia & Web Development   50 50  1:30Hrs.  ITM7  III  Software Engineering  100  35  1:30Hrs.  ITM10  III  System Analysis & Design 100  35  1:30Hrs.  ITM1  IV Object Oriented Analysis & 50  50  1:30Hrs.   Design using C++ ITM3  IV Programming in Java  50  50  1:30Hrs.  ITM4  IV Database Management System  50  50  1:30Hrs.  POM1 III  Purchasing and Materials  100  35  1:30Hrs.   Management  POM2 III  Total Quality Management  100  35  1:30Hrs.  POM3 III  Production planning & Control  100  35  1:30Hrs.  POM4 IV Logistics Management  100  35  1:30Hrs.  POM5 IV Industrial Engineering  100  35  1:30Hrs.  POM7 IV Service Operations Management100  35  1:30Hrs.  IBM1  III  International Trade Theory and  100  35  1:30Hrs.   Practical IBM2  III  International Marketing  100  35  1:30Hrs.  IBM3  III  Foreign Exchange Management  100  35  1:30Hrs.  IBM4  IV Export import Procedure and   100  35  1:30Hrs.  documentation  IBM5  IV International Strategic   Management  100  35  1:30Hrs.  IBM6  IV International Financial   Management  100  35  1:30Hrs.  FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER FOURTH  SEMESTER © 2011 Success Technology Group(Soc.) THIRD SEMESTER (A) FINANCE (B) Marketing Management (C) Human Resource Development (D) Information Technology Management (E) Production & Operation Management (F) International Business Management Paper
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