MDU ROHTAK PROGRAMMES SYLLABUS   BCA - Study Material Program Structure Sem. - 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th Paper No. Title of Paper DEBCA-101 Computer Fundamental and Programming DEBCA-102  iInternet Technologies and Applications  DEBCA-103  Multimedia Information System  DEBCA-104 Business Practices DEBCA-201 Data and File Structure D DEBCA-202 Structured System Analysis DEBCA-203 Mathematical foundations of Computer Science DEBCA-204 Digital Electronics DEBCA-301 Computer System Architecture DEBCA-302 Algorithms and Advance Data Structure DEBCA-303 Micro-Processors and Assembly Language DEBCA-304 Database Systems DEBCA-401 Operating Systems organisation and UNIX DEBCA-402 Software Engineering DEBCA-403 Object Oriented Design and Programming DEBCA-404 Financial Accounting DEBCA-501 Data Communication and Networks DEBCA-502 Computer Graphics DEBCA-503 Principles of Visual and Windows Programming DEBCA-504 Jawa Programming and Internet Applications DEBCA-601 Project report DEBCA-602 viva-Voce of Project Report FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER THIRD SEMESTER FOURTH SEMESTER FIFTH SEMESTER SIXTH SEMESTER © 2011 Success Technology Group(Soc.)
Courses Offered Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA)