MDU ROHTAK PROGRAMMES SYLLABUS   BBA - Study Material Program Structure Sem. - 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th Paper No. Title of Paper BBA-DDE 101 Principles of Management BBA-DDE 102 Business Mathematics BBA-DDE 103 Financial Accounting BBA-DDE 104 Computers in Management BBA-DDE 105 Industrial Sociology in India BBA-DDE 201 Indian System of Business and Banking BBA-DDE 202 Microeconomic and Banking Foundation of Business BBA-DDE 203 Company Accounts BBA-DDE 204 Computer Programming BBA-DDE 205 Business Communication BBA-DDE 206 Introduction to Psychology BBA-DDE 301 Organizational Behaviour BBA-DDE 302 Business Statistics BBA-DDE 303 Basic Costing BBA-DDE 304 Macroeconomic Management BBA-DDE 305 Database Management Systems BBA-DDE 401 Business Values and Ethics BBA-DDE 402 Indian Business Environment BBA-DDE 403 Business Laws BBA-DDE 404 Business Research Methods BBA-DDE 405 Introduction to Information Technology BBA-DDE 501 Marketing Management BBA-DDE 502 Financial Management BBA-DDE 503 Production Management BBA-DDE 504 Personnel Management BBA-DDE 505 Advanced Information Technology BBA-DDE 601  Taxation Laws BBA-DDE 602 Structured System Analsysis and Design BBA-DDE 603 Fundamentals of International Business BBA-DDE 604 Consumer Protection FIRST SEMESTERl SECOND SEMESTER THIRD SEMESTER FOURTH SEMESTER FIFTH SEMESTER SIXTH SEMESTER © 2011 Success Technology Group(Soc.)
BBA - Study Material